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three lines (after Roethke) (2008) flute & piano

for Jean Benson and Gregg Pauley

I. The soul has many motions
II. The spirit moves yet stays

III. Being, not doing, is my first joy

I have always loved the poetry of Theodore Roethke. These pieces were suggested by the lines which became their titles. (that, and the flute and two piano staves makes three lines...)

A wonderful recording has been released on Navona Records featuring Lisa Hennesey, flute and Karolina Rojahn, piano. See the Recordings page for more information.

Below is a recording of the premiere, with Jean Benson on flute and Gregg Pauley on piano.

1. The soul has many Motions

2. The spirit moves, yet stays

3. Being, not doing, is my first joy