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brave, bright cry (2005) voice, flute, clarinet & piano
poetry of e.e. cummings

until and i heard
in the rain
since feeling is first
may I feel
it may not always be so
may my heart

15:00 minutes

An update and expansion to my very early "three poems of ee cummings", and my first scandal: "may i feel" was omitted from this performance due to its somewhat humorously erotic content being judged not appropriate for this audience. Yay!

Performed by Peggo Horstmann Hodes, soprano;
Peggy Senter, piano; Stephanie Ratte, clarinet; and Jennifer Yeaton-Parris, flute

1. until and i heard

2. in the rain

3. since feeling is first

4. may i feel (hasn't been recorded, yet...)

5. it may not always be so

6. may my heart